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    A ceasefire between Israel and Gaza's Islamic Jihad militant group appeared to be holding Thursday despite an earlier barrage of rocket fire that briefly disrupted a truce to end two days of intense fighting that killed at least 34 Palestinians, including three women and eight children, and paralyzed parts of Israel.

  2. Election 2020 Deval Patrick

    Former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick is making a late entry into the Democratic presidential race.

  3. Taylor testimony

    Over several hours of televised testimony Wednesday, punctuated by occasional bickering among lawmakers, some memorable moments emerged from the first day of the public impeachment hearings in Washington, D.C.

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    Official weather forecasts for Australia show no substantial rains for at least three months, providing grim news as firefighters battle to get more than 100 bush fires raging across the east coast under control.


    Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters paralyzed parts of the Chinese-ruled city for a fourth day on Thursday, forcing schools to close and blocking highways as students built barricades and stockpiled makeshift weapons, setting the stage for campus showdowns.